Property owner

We manage your real estate as if it were our own

We keep your properties in good shape and up to code. We maintain them with care. We make sure the technology works, and that interiors and exteriors are always well kept. That means we do all we can to make sure you, the owner, have as little to do as possible, because you know that your property is in the best hands.

Our employees are experts at their job. They know the buildings they manage inside and out. They can see what a property needs. They can tell in advance what will be required, and they provide timely and precise information. 

Completely modular
What and how much we do for you depends on what you want, and on what sort of property you own. You can have each module separately, combine selected modules or use Livit Facility Management as an integrated service. And we will be glad to advise you on your choice. We will decide together what makes sense, both for you and in economic terms. We are certain that we will always find a solution that optimally balances the task and its associated cost.

Livit Facility Management: attractive services, whether as an individual module or integrated solution

Livit Real Estate Management - Services

Infrastructural FM
  • Routine cleaning
  • Basic and special cleaning
  • Cleaning of site and green areas
  • Landscaping
  • Winter service
  • Waste disposal
  • Maintenance of flat roof
Infrastructural FM
Technical FM
Operation, surveillance and maintenance of
  • Heating, cooling, air conditioning
  • Water, wastewater
  • Electrical systems, Electrical installations
  • Buliding services, process measuring and control technology
  • Security system
  • Looking systems
  • Conveyor systems
Technical FM
Advisory services
  • Mandate management
  • FM operational concepts
  • Fire protection concepts
  • Security concepts (acces and looking)
  • Contract management
  • Guarantee management in accordance with SIA
Advisory services